What You Should Know Before Seeing Mother!

After eliciting controversial reactions at Venice’s 74th Film Festival, Darren Aronofsky’s latest film is in now the theaters. Here’s everything you need to know before watching it

  • What You Should Know Before Seeing Mother!
  • What You Should Know Before Seeing Mother!
  • What You Should Know Before Seeing Mother!
  • What You Should Know Before Seeing Mother!

If you haven’t yet ventured to the cinema to see Darren Aronofsky’s latest mind bending and controversial film Mother!, and especially if you are not familiar with the director’s work, here is what you should know before going in to the theater (no worries: this article contains no spoilers).
1. If you don’t know Aronofsky by name, the film he is probably most known for is the passionate, disturbing and beautiful Black Swan. Centered on a ballerina, this film garnered some critique for its most graphic scenes. Black Swan has been described partially as a horror, but it’s not the kind of horror with axe murderers; the scenes noted as disturbing have the effect on a viewer like nails on a chalkboard - but even more amplified. The film most known for having this effect on the audience is Requiem for a Dream, Aronofsky’s second film that portrays the lives of heroin addicts, devoid of any sense of humanity. More mainstream, however, is The Wrestler- also well received by critics and also intensely showing the characters’ psychological agony, but less unsettling visually.
2. Going in to an Aronofsky film, you should be ready to completely submerge yourself into the world on screen and commit to the journey of emotional explorations that comes with it. As unsettling as some may find his films, the beauty is in the way Aronofsky destroys a character’s psyche, while giving the viewer a calculated image of the raw, inner workings of a damaged mind of his own creation.
3. Aronofsky’s films can be difficult to watch at times- and not only due to the graphic nature of certain scenes. The deep character development and intensity with which each actor takes on their role locks the viewer into the world that is being presented to them. Critics of Aronofsky say that he is trying too hard to create something profound, and only coming off as over the top. That may be true, but his ability to evoke profound emotions within the viewer is impressive. He is completely uncompromising in his vision and that is something to respect whether or not you actually like his vision.
4. The common theme of his films is that of a person pushing themselves to extremes to become the best that they can. Aronofsky agonizingly portrays the passion and insanity of the characters’ mind. The cinematography is of course stunning, but even for people that don’t study a film in that way, and as unsettled as a one might feel, the beauty is in the profound way in which someone has just been transported into the warped psyche of someone else.
5. Do not let the reviews spoil Mother! for you and enjoy the film!

Author : V.T.

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