Uncommon Malaysia

Pahang, the country’s third largest state, hides on of Malaysia’s best kept secret: a green landscape of rolling hills where exotic natural beauty meets the charm of the British Empire

  •  Uncommon Malaysia
  •  Uncommon Malaysia
  •  Uncommon Malaysia

With lush rolling hills, breathtaking scenic views and a world of natural adventure, Carmeron Highlands represents the largest hillside landscape in Pahang, Malaysia. Today, as one of the more popular destinations for eco-travellers, much of the highland character remains untouched and altered reflecting its true British influence and charm that was infused through the British officers in the19th century during colonial encounters.
What once was just a landmass of forest vegetation and hill sides is now home to a diverse population of inhabitants of indigenous, Chinese and Indian descent. However, human diversity is not the only one that flourishes in this landmass: the hillside are also home to an array of flora and fauna species along with extensive jungle trails that lead to cascading waterfalls, scenic spots and a variety of aboriginal villages.

Due to its rich terrain and natural elements, the hillssides provided perfect opportunity for the local population to grow an abundance of tea plants, fruit and vegetables in the local farms, which they use to sustain their food supply. Other pleasurable and relaxing adventures to uncover in the hillsides are visiting the butterflies, strawberry and bee farms.

Author : The Slowear Journal


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