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5 peer-to-peer platforms that will make your passions easy and accessible to pursue wherever you are in the world

  • The wishlist you have not written yet

We share journeys and homes. We buy things from all over the world without leaving our house. We share passions with people from every latitude. We don’t need to buy a car, a bicycle or a motorbike: we have hundreds available without ever owning any. And quite obviously, this is just the beginning. Have you ever found yourself in a foreign country in need of help to solve a problem that would have been trivial at home and yet seems impossible there? Have you ever thought about asking for a ride on a private plane? The sharing economy has a peer-to-peer platform for just about everything. Just ask and it will be given to you!
If you should ever find yourself longing for a ride on a private plane in the UK, try Wingly, the platform that connects pilots and passengers organizing flights on private airplanes for 2 to 6 passengers
While it is hard to part from a book that you loved, it is also virtually impossible to have enough space to store all the books of your life. BookMoch solves the problem by giving everyone the opportunity to exchange books by only paying for the shipping costs
Russian-born Elena Shrakubo, from Denver (Colorado, USA), launched an app that works as a social concierge service putting locals in touch with visitors and newcomers in need for tips on what to visit, how to settle, or simply have fun and discover the best of the city.
Basketball has no borders. Whether you want to train or socialize during a trip, this platform offers an almost global overview of the outdoor basketball courts available around the world. Get there and see who's playing or contact online registered local players to organize a match.
Exoticism is a relative concept, and what’s new and exciting to us may be someone’s grandma's old recipe. Mealsharing is a worldwide food lover community offering everyone the opportunity to experiment with the dishes they grew up with. Pick a type of cuisine, find the closest expert, choose the formula and take part in a meal that is a way to experience food "in the family", immersing yourself into history and tradition.

Author : The Slowear Journal


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