Rencontres d'Arles: Photography Looks To The Future

The summer of the French city is entirely dedicated to photography, housed in the museums, in the streets and in the theaters for a total immersion in the recent and future history of the world

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Arles must have a special energy. It was in this small town in the south of France that Vincent Van Gogh moved in February 1888, giving way to the most intense and fertile period of his career: over 300 works in just over 14 months, inspired by the light of Provence.
Since the 1970s, Arles has been home to Rencontres d’Arles, a major international photography festival aiming to observe through the lens of the great photography masters the disruption and the speed of social and political changes. From July 2 to September 23, the whole city will once again turn into a huge exhibition space with over 30 venues and guests and visitors from all over the world. 

The 2018 edition, director Sam Stourdzé explains, is a journey through time on the tracks of a selection of images that entrust the eye of the photographer with the task of bringing us back to precise moments of our era. Everyone can somehow relate to these images through their own experience and, by putting together sensations and memories, perhaps even sense some fragment of the future.
Among the over 60 scheduled exhibitions, three are dedicated to investigating the timeline. Run Comrade, the old world is behind youpresents, among others, 1968! What a story, a tribute to the year that truly shaped our view of the world at the end of last century. A time of tragedies and dreams, with a thin red line pushing us towards a better future.
The future of 1968 is our today, depicted by 40-year-old Norwegian photographer Jonas Bendiksen in theAugmented Humanityseries, which documents the life of 7 modern-day gurus suspended between avant-garde and archaic beliefs, between confidence in technology and a return to ancient practices, in a constantly precarious balance.
America Great Againcelebrates the 50thanniversary of Les Americainsby Robert Frank, the famous on the road reportage documenting 1950s USA. 60 years later, five photographers of different ages and backgrounds depict today’s America in their own way.
Workshops and performances will complete the program, which is starting with the July 2-8 inaugural week and the "Arles nights": every night, a special guest will tell a story through music, prose and storytelling in the ancient city theater.

Author : The Slowear Journal


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