Paris Celebrates Gio Ponti, The First Archi-designer

A major retrospective at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris honors the eclecticism of one of Italy’s most beloved designers

  • Paris Celebrates Gio Ponti, The First Archi-designer
  • Paris Celebrates Gio Ponti, The First Archi-designer
  • Paris Celebrates Gio Ponti, The First Archi-designer
  • Paris Celebrates Gio Ponti, The First Archi-designer

The Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris devotes a major retrospective to Gio Ponti, featuring over 400 pieces some of which are on display for the very first time. From October 19 to February 10, this exhibition will honor one of the most visionary and active designers of the 20th century, who saw industrialization as an opportunity for spreading beauty on a large scale rather than the opposite.
Take for instance Richard-Ginori, the legendary Tuscan ceramic ware and porcelain brand where Ponti (1891-1979) worked as an artistic director at the beginning of his career, in 1923. His ability to create objects with perfect proportions and a great taste for neoclassical style led him to the International Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Paris, where his work is celebrated today.
Gio Ponti loved crossing boundaries wherever they may be: between industrial production and craftsmanship, architecture and art, writing and design. The Parisian exhibition chooses to describe this path in chronological order, with the six final theme rooms devoted to the six decades of Ponti’s career and focusing on iconic architectural projects: Bouilhet Villa in Garches, near Paris, a.k.a. L'Ange Volant; the Montecatini headquarters between in Milan; the ‘ladder of knowledge’ inside Palazzo del Bo in Padua; Ponti's own home in Milan; Hotel Parco dei Principi in Sorrento and Villa Planchart in Caracas.
The exhibition is a journey through time and space that underlines the generosity and passion of Ponti and brings out the signature features of his style, like the rhythm of the architectural elements that generates symmetries and harmonies.
Each Ponti project drew inspirations from his partnerships; designing building, designing and objects, making art (Ponti also loved oil painting) or launching newspapers (such as Domusand Stile) were all different ways of expressing the same idea: architecture, art and design surround and inspire our behaviors, and thus they must be handled with care. Whether it is an object of daily use or a church, everything that becomes part of our experience must enrich it with beauty: an idea that managed to survive throughout the 20th century to reach us and be celebrated in Paris, today.

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