Old-Style Berlin

Four retro-style rooms for a short journey into the past of the German capital

  • Old-Style Berlin
  • Old-Style Berlin
  • Old-Style Berlin
  • Old-Style Berlin
  • Old-Style Berlin

What is your favorite Berlin era? The slightly gloomy and roaring Thirties? The countercultural/underground 1970s that saw David Bowie and Iggy Pop move to the city? Or maybe the late years of the communist regime, magnificently portrayed by Wim Wenders in Wings Of Desire and recalled with irony by Wolfgang Becker in Goodbye Lenin?
Whatever the answer, there are so many different aspects of Berlin’s past that have entered the collective imagination through art, photography, films and music. An interesting way to experience your favorite one through an "immersive" experience is sleeping in one of the city’s retro-style hotels, where the look and feel of a specific bygone era has been meticulously (and not without a certain nostalgia) been preserved. So, just follow us on this easy and affordable journey through time.
At Asta's
If someone had asked you to name a movie star around 1910, Asta Nielsen would probably have been one of the first names to come to your mind. The famous Danish silent film actress shot around seventy films in Berlin, and lived until the 1930s in a Charlottenburg apartment, which later became a hotel. 80 years later, Hotel-Pension Funk doesn’t seem to have changed much: housed inside a late nineteenth century building, it offers Art Deco-style rooms with stuccoed ceilings and antique furniture and tapestries. Welcome to old Berlin!
Just like Bowie
Along the famous Kurfürstendamm, the historic avenue that used to be the main meeting place of Berlin's intellectual and artistic avant-gardes during the first three decades of the twentieth century, Askanischer Hof is a 17-room boutique hotel where the Twenties apparently never finished. The old-time charm of this place even managed to seduce David Bowie, who spent some time here in 1982, in room number 24. If you are a fan of the White Duke, this should be enough to make you book a room instantly.
Where all the artists used to sleep
Imagine the bohemian 1920s Charlottenburg of the Weimar Republic. The historic Nürnberger Eck guesthouse has been open ever since, and it is said to have hosted plenty of writers, artists, and intellectuals. Today, the environment is slightly 'hybrid, and the vintage wallpapers have been enriched with small Fifties references and inspirations. But the feeling of traveling through time remains intact.
Remembering Ostberlin
Suddenly, it's 1978 and you're in East Berlin. Above your bed, hanging on the wall, is a portrait of President Erich Honecker. This is not a scene from the movie Goodbye Lenin, but simply what awaits you at Ostel, the Friedrichshain Ostberlin-style hotel (and hostel), a fantastic (and accurately faithful) reproduction of a GDR era environment crammed with memorabilia, to experience Berlin from a different perspective.

Author : The Slowear Journal


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