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NIO, aka Needs Ice Only, ferries the art of cocktail to the pocket format, offering quality drinks already mixed in cardboard

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  • Mixology To Go
  • Mixology To Go

Until a few months ago, a quality cocktail could be enjoyed only outside the home, unless you have an expert mixologist available, the equipment and the necessary ingredients. NIO offers all this in a cardboard box the size of a CD that contains a plastic bag and an excellent cocktail free of preservatives, additives and chemical agents to be enjoyed wherever you want
This ambitious Italian start-up founded by Luca Quagliano, spirit lover and entrepreneur, with partners Alessandro Palmarin and Massimo Palmieri, aims at making the pleasure of drinking an excellent cocktail available anywhere and easily, with no need to carry around heavy and fragile bottles. The expert touch is provided by Roman bartender Patrick Pistolesi, an internationally renowned bartender who selected and mixed the ingredients. The packaging, entirely recyclable, allows you to safely store the cocktails for a long time even at room temperature.
Whiskey Sour, Negroni, Manhattan, Daiquiri, Milan-Turin are just some of the made-in-Italy cocktails available in single-dose packs from the NIO website or at the NIO showroom in Milan. 

Author : The Slowear Journal


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