Milan, A Taste Evolution

Exploring the restaurant scene of the Italian wine and food capital between revisited traditions and innovative haute cuisine

  • Milan, A Taste Evolution
  • Milan, A Taste Evolution
  • Milan, A Taste Evolution
  • Milan, A Taste Evolution
  • Milan, A Taste Evolution
  • Milan, A Taste Evolution
  • Milan, A Taste Evolution
  • Milan, A Taste Evolution
  • Milan, A Taste Evolution
  • Milan, A Taste Evolution
  • Milan, A Taste Evolution
  • Milan, A Taste Evolution

Milan is not afraid to experiment, even when it comes to food. And while the city has certainly embraced each and every passing food trend, from ethnic hybridization to the brunch and gourmet fast food obsessions, it never really lost sight of its original vocation for great, timeless cuisine
As a result, the Milanese restaurant scene never ceased being reliable and surprising at the same time, thanks to the coexistence of tradition, gourmet and innovation.
The city’s fascination for the local food tradition looks back on the good old trattoriaconcept, slightly lightened up and revived with an additional touch of sophistication and research. 
On the gourmet front, innovation and haute cuisine often blend to offer experiences where uniqueness, excellent ingredients and perfect techniques definitely earn the spotlight. 
The Local Tradition
Via Gaetano de Castillia 28 
If you are willing to try the greatest Milanese classic, the risotto giallo con ossobuco (saffron risotto with marrowbone), look no further than Ratanà. Housed inside a beautiful Art Deco building in the Isola-Porta Nuova district, it is home to Cesare Battisti’s sublimely revisited traditional Milanese cuisine based on accurately selected local ingredients.  
Osteria Brunello
Corso Garibaldi 117
Welcome to the home of the authentic and awarded co(s)toletta alla Milanese (veal Milanese).Weighing approximately 230 grams (bone included) it is breaded in dried and grated sliced bread, fried in clarified butter and served with roast potatoes and eggplant caponata. A timeless delicacy excellently crafted by chef Federico Comi.
Antica Trattoria della Pesa
Viale Pasubio 10
This is actually one of the oldest restaurants in Milan, housed inside the former weighbridge building where the goods coming from outside of town used to be weighed for the payment of custom duties back in the 19thcentury. The owners, the Sassi familycarefully preserved the authenticity of the place even in terms of décor. Among the house specials we recommend trying the rognone trifolato con risotto al salto (saute veal kidneys and rice).
Authentic Innovation
28 posti
Via Corsico 1
A cosy little place with barely 28 seats tucked away in a surprisingly quiet street in the Navigli district. But the real surprise is Marco Ambrosino, a chef by calling (he graduated from business school) with a remarkable resume (he worked at Noma in Copenhagen) and amazing skills. Marco challenges the bravest palates with visionary ideas and unusual taste pairings, as in the pollen gelato with fish roe, onion, and fermented fruits.  

Via Watt 37
Talented Michelin-starred chef Luigi Taglienti considers Italy the most innovative place on the international restaurant scene. His tasting menu, Taglienti racconta Taglientitells the story and the evolution of a great chef and his love for Italy and Liguria, the region where he was born and raised. Classics from the national tradition blend with Taglienti’s signature recipes such as “Squid’s black and white”, “Water, oil, lemon, and liquorice” and “Mushroom cappuccino with pale liver pudding”.
Uncompromising Gourmet
Via Mike Bongiorno 13
In the heart of the hypermodern Varesine Porta Nuova district, this restaurant is the perfect reflection of starred chefAndrea Berton, a pupil of Marchesi: elegant, moderate and spectacular, but with no excesses. His cuisine is entertaining and very close to perfect: the Tutto Brodo (“all stock”) menu plays with the fluid component of the recipes to offer a futuristic gourmet experience. 
Via Meda 2
At the home of culinary genius Matias Perdomo, the starred Uruguayan chef who previoulsy ruled the scene at Pont de Ferr in the Navigli district), the menu is (literally) a mirror reflecting your own image – a clever and provocative way to state that the client is at the center of the scene and gets to decide what to eat in that very moment. The tasting menu included nine courses that change with the seasons, little pulp masterpieces that will leave you totally impressed.

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