Hiyashi Chūka, Summer Ramen

Cold ramen is one of the best ways to counteract the rising temperatures of the Japanese summer

  • Hiyashi Chūka, Summer Ramen
  • Hiyashi Chūka, Summer Ramen
  • Hiyashi Chūka, Summer Ramen

As summer hits, ramen shops throughout the country will display the message “We now offer hiyashi chūka”, an excellent way to stimulate the appetite and to cool in the hot Japanese summer. Originally from China, hiyashi chūka is chilled ramen topped with a variety of ingredients and one of the must of the season. The recipes are countless. Here is a list of the best hiyashi chūka in Tokyo.
Yōzusaikan (Kanda)
Established in 1906, Yōzusaikan is the birthplace of the original hiyashi chūka, with the freshest ingredients beautifully laid out on top of the cold noodles. It is a dish prepared in the most orthodox fashion, definitely worth a try.
Masa’s Kitchen (Ebisu) 
Masa’s hiyashi chūka blends Japanese tradition and Western innovation, in a dish full of umami, which is, unsurprisingly, very popular. The speciality is ramen topped with boiled chicken, spring onion and coriander, with a little bit of Japanese pepper for spicy flavour reminiscent of Sichuan.
Cantonese Cuisine Ryūtenmon (Mita)
Located inside Westin Hotel Tokyo, at Ryūtenmon serves hiyashi tantanmen – a reinterpretation of the spicy Sichuanese dandanmien – all through the year. An extremely popular version of tantanmen, which was not originally included on the official menu, consists of a creamy sesame-based soup with fine, smooth and firm to the bite noodles. There is a hot version of the dish.
Keiraku (Yūrakuchō)
Established in 1950, Keiraku also appears in Ginza Diary by famed writer and gourmet Shōtarō Ikenami. The restaurant is known for its tasty goma hiyamen, a bowl of fine noodles in a chilled soup of rich sesame tare and rice vinegar, a refreshing delight for the throat.
Menkoidokoro Isoji (Yoyogi)
Menkoidokoro Isoji is not the usual ramen shop, in that the home-made noodles are served in a fish and tonkotsu (pork bone) broth, flavoured with a rich sesame tare and topped with a sort of sorbet made with the same ingredients of the broth. The finishing touch consists in a colourful decoration of shiso leaves and seasonal vegetables.

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