Hidden Gems of the Caribbean

Enjoy the magical charm of the Caribbean seas with these 3 under the radar tropical destinations

  • Hidden Gems of the Caribbean
  • Hidden Gems of the Caribbean
  • Hidden Gems of the Caribbean

The Caribbean, the land of pristine turquoise waters, magical reefs and the effortless and infectious island vibe. However, as one of the most popular tropical destinations in the world, it is sometimes hard to find peace and quiet among the large number of tourist jet setting from all over the world to enjoy these same pleasure.
Have no fear; we have provided a list of three Caribbean under the radar destinations that offer everything from quaint seaside towns, plush beaches, slow paced mountain adventures and some of the world’s best underwater marine sites- all without the frustration of the crowd and masses. 
Bequia – St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Known as the “Small Little Island” this tiny under the radar paradise might only be 9.5 miles in size, but makes up for it with its enormous magical island charm. A true slice of paradise, Bequia (Beck-way) is the second largest island in the Grenadines and a popular destination for yachter, divers (over 300 diving sites around the island) and beach lovers alike. Its unique mountainous terrain makes it an ideal destination to enjoy the slow island pace, while been immersed in its lush natural flora and fauna. One of the more secluded and picturesque beaches these shores have to offer is Friendship bay.  Rarely ever crowded and only accessible by foot or water taxi, this beach will truly feel like it belongs to just you.
This luxurious leeward isle will seem miles away from the crowed hustle and bustle typical of popular Caribbean islands. Anguilla’s rich local culture, beautiful beaches and scenic seaside towns makes it a popular destination among jet setters looking for a secluded genuine island experience. Though all Caribbean islands are synonymous for turquoise beaches, Anguilla is like no other. With more than 30 beaches island wide, each one perfectly unique and spectacular in one way or another, Anguilla provides nothing less than show-stopping beauty.
Carriacou- Grenada
Welcome to the island that uses the absence of things to enhance its meaning of genuine island life, just like it was 50 years ago. Carriacou (Carry-a-Cou), a small almost forgotten island of Granada, gives the perfect opportunity for pure relaxation and disconnection from the world as we know it. Here, most actives involve either being submerged under the crystal clear waters while snorkeling sensational reefs or experiencing the scenic view from the sandy white palm tree shorelines. All dive sights are graded based on proficiency; so beginners and more advanced divers can all enjoy the magical underwater marine flora and fauna.  

Author : The Slowear Journal

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