Here After: a Bridge Between Body and Mind

The essential oils created by Alice Manfroni are a piece of pure nature designed to bring out the profound link between matter and spirit

  • Here After: a Bridge Between Body and Mind
  • Here After: a Bridge Between Body and Mind
  • Here After: a Bridge Between Body and Mind

Meditation and Yoga are two very important elements in the world of Alice Manfroni, a Milanese fashion stylist deeply convinced that the wellbeing of the body and that of the mind are inextricably linked to one another.
Based on this idea, Alice created HereAfter, a collection of essential oils designed to put the body in touch with the soul through our senses. A synthesis of flowers and herbs grown and harvested following the rhythms of nature, essential oils are the primordial element that Alice perfectioned to trigger emotions and act as a bridge between body and spirit, just as it happens with Yoga and meditation.
What link do you see between essential oils and meditation?
AM:The bond is very tight. Each oil serves to relax and get into deep contact with oneself, which is also the goal of all meditation practices.
Aromatherapy as a bridge between body and spirit: does it make sense to you?
AM:Sure: to me, it is crucial to value to the environment in which we live and work, to pay attention to what we breathe every day, to the air and the smells. I mainly use natural incenses like palo santo wood and white sage, which purify the air, renew the environment and are free of chemical additives.
You started a collaboration with Casa Nika, a beautiful property on Pantelleria island in Italy: where does the link between the island and the HereAfter world come from?
AM:Islands are magic. In the case of Pantelleria, the volcanic nature of the island amplifies this feeling of being closer to the primordial force of the Earth. Its landscapes and sunsets are meditative experiences with open eyes, changing our perception and relationship with what surrounds us. For Casa Nika, I created a special oil using the natural ingredients offered by the islandsuch as lemon and oregano, creating an unmistakable aromatic note linked to the essence of Pantelleria.

Author : The Slowear Journal


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