Growing Fresh Vegetables in NYC

Exploring some of the most innovative urban farms of the Big Apple, providing New Yorkers with fresh, mostly organic produce grown with sustainable techniques

  • Growing Fresh Vegetables in NYC
  • Growing Fresh Vegetables in NYC
  • Growing Fresh Vegetables in NYC
  • Growing Fresh Vegetables in NYC

With rising population density in urban areas and food scarcity and diminishing able land reaching an all-time high, the demand to find alternative solutions to maintain the human food supply has never been more prevalent. Though not a new phenomenon, urban farms are gaining popularity all around the world, especially in the US and UK where commodity farms have been popularized for many years as a means to combat food shortages. Traditionally, most societies relied on rural farms to meet food supply needs. However, with the increasing capability and techniques of growing fresh fruits and vegetables for your own consumption, a super trendy affair has emerged where city rooftops, unoccupied warehouse and community gardens have been transformed into lush food centers for the urban population.
Picking up swiftly on the urban farm movement is the bustling metropolitan city of New York.  Despite the abundance of towering skyscrapers, buildings and infrastructure, New York is home to a multitude of indoor farms and garden centers. Driven by the desire for fresh, locally produced and organic produce, urban farming advancements have been gradually reaching the limelight in New York. Some of the most popularized alternative farming techniques is hydroponics, aquaponics and aeroponics, which are normally considered to be the more energy efficient and sustainable options to greenhouse farming.
Here is a guide to five of the most remarkable urban farms in New York City and the techniques these use to reap the most organic produce in the concrete jungle.
Bell Brook and Candle Restaurant
A true sustainable gem, this restaurant ensures that its ingredients and produce are indeed the freshness of the bunch. By supplying 60% of the produce to the restaurant from its automatic hydroponic system rooftop garden these green growers were actually the first restaurants in NYC to employ this “grow what you need” commercial technique.  
Riker island Greenhouse
Run by the Horticultural Society of New York, this greenhouse acts more as land-based therapeutics. Located in New York City’s main Jail complex, this is where inmates are taught crop rearing techniques and gardening skills as a means to create a meaningful connection between human senses and nature. 
La Finca Del Sur/ South Bronx Farmers
Tucked away between the Metro-North Railroad tracks and a congested highway in the Bronx is the unusual site of a farmland. Operated by women of color in the Bronx, this hideaway farm is used as a community unifying space where providing a means of education through nutritional awareness to the surrounding communities is that the core of their initiative. Growing an array of fruits and vegetables that reflect a diverse ethnic background such as English lettuce and thyme they truly bind the society together with the love of organic produce.
Gotham Greens
As one of the most recognized commercial urban green rooftops NYC, Gotham Greens represent one of the most sustainable farms in the country. Powered by 100 percent renewable energy, it uses various forms of efficient farming techniques that are able to reap 50% more crops that the normal greenhouse using 25 percent less energy.
Brooklyn Grange
Another one of the most eminent rooftop green house In NYC is Brooklyn Grange. With over 50,000 pounds of organic produce harvested annually, Brooklyn Grange prides themselves as the largest soil based rooftop farm in the world. Beyond producing and selling vegetables to customer they have also incorporated the use of egg-laying hens to produce organic, free-range eggs.

Author : The Slowear Journal

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