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To all you makers and aspiring urban gardeners ou there: there is a a new and beautiful space in southern London entirely devoted to the art and craft of terrariums

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  • Glass Gardens
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  • Glass Gardens

The beauty of terrariums, a.k.a. miniature gardens contained inside glass walls, lies entirely in their tiny size: isn't it amazig how even a small glass vessel can contain such life, such flourishing, an entire and perfectly working ecosystem?
A decorative object, an opportunity for experimenting in botanics and a small concentrate of British history, the terrarium dates back to the Victorian era, when a doc. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward - hence the name "wardian case", by which terrariums used to be known back then - first invented it.
And while Victorian terrariums with their sumptuously decorated glass and wrought or cast iron structures were very different from contemporary ones, which are definitely more minimalist and essential, there is still a lot of terrarium-making going on in London, as shown by the recent opening of London Terrariums.
This gorgeous space in south London is entirely devoted to these exquisitely British objects, so if you are looking to buy a terrarium or learn how to make one, this is the right place.
London Terrariums began out of founder Emma Sibley's sincere desire to engage with nature in the urban environment. She made her first terrarium using what she could source from her immediate surroundings; stones from the driveways, moss from the garage roof, cuttings from house plants and hand-made tools from wine corks and garden sticks.
After making them for friends and family, Emma received her first commission and soon London Terrariums was born. Today, LT is a shop and a permanent workshop where you can not only learn how to build a terrarium but receive a comprehensive overview of their exciting history and explore a variety of plants and mosses learning how and why a terrarium creates its own water-cycle and self contained ecosystem.
If you'd like to learn more about their workshops, here's the complete calendar.

Author : The Slowear Journal


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