Coedo, The True Craft Beer from Kawagoe

Coedo is one of Japan’s finest breweries, producing high-quality, thirst-quenching craft beer, a blessing on a hot summer day

  • Coedo, The True Craft Beer from Kawagoe
  • Coedo, The True Craft Beer from Kawagoe
  • Coedo, The True Craft Beer from Kawagoe

Located in Kawagoe, prefecture of Saitama, Coedo Brewery boasts a history of craftsmen using the best ingredients to make unexcelled beer. The area of Kawagoe was called Koedo in the Edo period, and was considered as the kitchen of Edo At Coedo brewery, you can enjoy a wide range of beers world, from the unequalled red Japanese beer made locally from sweet potatoes, to the golden Pilsner.
Coedo Beer has won several prizes, including the iTQi Superior Taste Award in Belgium, the World Beer Cup, the European Beer Star and the Monde Selection.
The collection is composed of five different tastes.
Rich golden brown with tinges of red, Kyara is made with aromatic hop that gives a faintly bitter flavour with nuances of white grapes and spicy citrus fruits, and five types of malt, for a medium body and a slightly higher alcohol content. It is fermented at low temperature with lager yeast.
Clear gold with soft bubbles. It is a refreshing premium Pilsner with a perfect balance between deep flavour and hop bitterness. It can be paired with practically any meal.
A wheat beer characterised by non-filtered, bright and smooth white colour. The sweet fragrance of the wheat malt blends wonderfully with the fruity nuances of the yeast, making the beer rich and refreshing at the same time.
A long-aged beer with a vibrant brownish-black colour, obtained from 6 types of malt, including two black. It was named one of the best beers in the world.
A premium ale with a reddish amber colour. Its sweetness is given by a blend of local sweet potatoes with fine malt. Bottled without filtration, it is a rich original ale of Kawagoe.
The premises in Kawagoe where Coedo Brewery was established were renovated and transformed them into the Coedo Craft Beer 1000 Labo, where you can enjoy all types of beer, including the limited editions. Furthermore, at the annexed restaurant Xiang Mai, you can explore the brewer’s creativity, by accompanying the beer with some modern Chinese delicacies, such as dim sum and rice-porridge.

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