Breakfast the Italian Way

From the Classic Cappuccino to Sicilian Granita

  • Breakfast the Italian Way
  • Breakfast the Italian Way
  • Breakfast the Italian Way

As the most important meal of the day, breakfast sets the ultimate tone for a successful day ahead. Weather it’s sprinkled almond croissant in France, cold cuts in Germany or miso soup and rice in Japan; every country does the first meal of the day very differently. In this series we wish to explore the interesting breakfast meals and customs around the globe.
Despite being world renowned for their rich high calorie meals and eating habits, Italians see breakfast as an unelaborate occasion and view this meal as a very quick start to the day. At home, they typically enjoy a light breakfast consisting of coffee paired with bread rolls, sweet dried biscuits or dried toast called fette biscottate spread with jam and butter. On the occasion they might opt for cereal with milk and yoghurt.
When breakfast is eaten outside the home, at a bar or cafe it is typical to order a strong espresso, cappuccino or caffelatte accompanied by sweet pastries and viennoiseries such as cornetto (local version of the croissant). Regional variations of this fluffy treat include the Roman maritozzo which is filled with abundant whipped cream or the Neapolitan sfogliatella, a shell-shaped filled pastry also known internationally as ‘lobster tail’.
Like any country, meals vary by region and season. Yet the classic Sicilian breakfast is probably the most tempting and refreshing one in Italy.  A delightful combination of a sweet soft bun (brioche) is complemented with a refreshing shaved ice sorbet known as granita. This summer loving sorbet is made in a variety of flavors, but to do and eat like a Sicilian, it is highly recommended to try the fresh lemon flavor.  

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