Alberto Casiraghy: Art in Typography

A small publisher of craft books, an old letterpress machine, a house where poets meet. Welcome to the world of Aberto Casiraghy

  • Alberto Casiraghy: Art in Typography
  • Alberto Casiraghy: Art in Typography
  • Alberto Casiraghy: Art in Typography
  • Alberto Casiraghy: Art in Typography

In Osnago, between Milan and the Alps, there is a house with a courtyard, a vegetable garden, and a bunch of grazing chickens. It is the home of Alberto Casiraghy ​​and PulcinoElefante, a small publishing house specializing in little art books created out of love for typography, words, and human beings. Everything revolves around the Super Audax Nebiolo monotype machine that sits in the heart of the house and prints Bodoni characters from wood-case typographic cliches carved by Adriano Porazzi.
Objects of art and culture, all the small books printed by Alberto Casiraghy ​​ have the same structure: two sheets of fine ivory colored hahnmuehle paper produced in Germany, folded and sewn by hand on the back for a total of 8 pages.
Each book is home to words that freely follow the train of thought and become aphorisms, poems, small and yet mind-blowing reflections. The name of the publishing house, PulcinoElefante (literally “the chick and the elephant”) is inspired by a nursery rhyme by Gianni Rodari, an Italian poet who wrote several children’s books using language with a freedom that only rarely accessible to grown-ups. Alberto Casiraghy ​​embraces this freedom and pours it into his small artist's books, putting it at the service of his daily encounters with poets, philosophers, and artists like Maurizio Cattelan, Emilio Isgrò, Franco Loi, Fernanda Pivano and, above all, Alda Merini, Milan’s late and much loved poet, whose human and artistic partnership with Alberto Casiraghy ​​lasted for many years.
From the aphorisms, the images and the objects born out of these encounters Alberto has created his beautiful limited edition books (reproduced in no more than 40 specimens each), that he sells at the symbolic price of 20 euros: a choice of independence and accessibility according to which books and art objects are meant to travel around the world conveying energies and thoughts.
Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan recently housed a major solo exhibition of Casiraghy, ​ honoring a career that has seen Alberto spread his poetics in his own discreet and joyful way to the world of Italian contemporary art through frequent exhibitions, often held at the Milanese art gallery Gli Eroici Furori owned by Silvia Agliotti, gallery owner as well as Casiraghy’s friend and muse.
In 2016, film director Silvio Soldini cast him as the protagonist of the documentary The river is always right alongside pianist Josef Weiss, focusing on the beauty and honesty of a refined and deeply human idea of ​​ art.

Author : The Slowear Journal

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