A Taste of Barbados

A journey to the tropical shores of Barbados, the birthplace of the world-renowned Mount Gay Rum Distillery and its expert rum craft for the past 300 years

  • A Taste of Barbados
  • A Taste of Barbados
  • A Taste of Barbados
  • A Taste of Barbados
  • A Taste of Barbados

“Aging well is an art, for men and rum alike”. This quote truly is an accurate depiction of the persisted craftsmanship, refinement and delicacy of rum making at Mount Gay Rum Distilleries in Barbados for the past 300 years. As the oldest active rum distillery in the world, Mount Gay prides itself on providing the best rum blends, using century old techniques and unparalleled excellence to carefully carve its distinct and complex edge in the spirit world.
To understand a rum’s craft we must first know its history. Hundreds of years ago, settlers sailed the sea in search of lands with ideal climates and terrains for growing sugar cane -which they found on the island of Barbados. The knack and abundance of harvesting sugar cane soon developed into experimentation with rum distillation, setting the stage for Mount Gay Rum’s excellence for years to come.
As complex as it is in taste and stature, crafting an exquisite rum only requires a few key ingredients. At Mount Gay, these hero ingredients consist of water, molasses (a byproduct of sugar refinement) and years of cultivated techniques and expert taste palates.
One distinguishing element in the rum making process is the use of wooden barrels - specifically, American white oak barrels that once contained American whiskey. As the rum matures it becomes smoother and rounder, infusing and harmonizing smokey oak notes and hints of whiskey along the way. Such a thoughtful technique seems purpose driven, but this distinctive process was actually stumbled upon accidentally when wooden barrels were used to transport rum across the sea. On its arrival, the rum was considerably superior and complex in taste.
Creating a master blend can be an unpredictable and delicate process, especially in a warm climate where evaporation occurs 5 time more than the average rate. According to the master blender at Mount Gay Allen Smith, equal amounts of persistence, balance, flavor and pleasant arrogate are the cornerstone to a perfect blend.
How to Drink your Mount Gay
In the first casino scene in Casino Royale, where Bond wins the Aston Martin DB5 in the One & Only Club, he orders “a Mount Gay Rum with soda”. How you drink the renowned Mouth Gay rum is totally up to you, and how your feeling, but the classic way to enjoy this invigorating drink is on straight ice or mixed with your desired soda. If you ever have the pleasure, add drinking a rum and coke at one of Barbados’s many rum shops island wide to your bucket list.
Mouth Gay Rum offers a unique experience to tour the distillery in Barbados, inviting guests to discover the mysteries and secrets behind Barbados’ finest and most celebrated spirit - all while sipping on rum blends which date as far back as 1703.

Author : The Slowear Journal


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