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A relaxing space in Tokyo where you can experience Japan’s traditional and contemporary culture with all five senses

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  • A Sweet Escape
  • A Sweet Escape

In Meguro ward, Tokyo, lies the quiet neighbourhood of Yakumo, a name which literally means “eight clouds” and in fact represents a retreat from the noise of the city. A place in particular will make you feel on cloud nine – excuse the pun. This place is Yakumo Saryō, a teahouse featuring a unique atmosphere that combines sumptuous tradition and minimalistic modernity. Behind this concept is the creative mind of Shinichiro Ogata, the Japanese designer who conceived everything from the interiors to the tableware to offer a consistent and authentic Japanese experience.
The food itself is something to be experienced with all five senses, either in the restaurant hall or in the tearoom. There is a different menu for each meal, breakfast, lunch, tea and supper. At breakfast, in the tearoom, you can taste kayu rice porridge and white rice paired with roasted tea, seasonal ingredients, dried fish and miso soup.
On the lunch menu you will find kaiseki, the traditional Japanese multi-course meal, using only the finest ingredients of the season. At dinnertime – please note that to preserve the quiet atmosphere of the place, dinner is by invitation only, so you need to be introduced by someone in order to reserve - the warm light diffused by the noren (the curtain hung at the entrance) beckons to enter and spend the evening in a relaxing ambience.
A meal that should not be overlooked is the afternoon tea, served with seasonal, handmade wagashi sweets, such as nut-based or azuki-based treats, or rice crackers coated in brown sugar. The sweets are also pretty and make the perfect gift. The salon, furbished in an exquisitely traditional Japanese style, is the venue for rotating exhibitions, like the Matsuzaki Urushi lacquerware exhibition, which will close on November 25.

Author : The Slowear Journal


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