A Hot Pot Of One’s Own

A nice hot pot and a drink on the side make one of the finest pleasures of the freezing Tokyoite winter

  • A Hot Pot Of One’s Own
  • A Hot Pot Of One’s Own
  • A Hot Pot Of One’s Own
  • A Hot Pot Of One’s Own
  • A Hot Pot Of One’s Own

Tokyo caters hot pots for all tastes. This type of dish, known as nabe, is usually a perfect occasion to gauge other people’s eating manners and propriety. However, the latest trend is to have a seat in a laid-back ambience and enjoy a hitori-nabe, a one-person hot pot, be it Japanese traditional, spicy or cheese-based.
Seika (Jiyūgaoka)
At Seika you can normally find seven types of hot pot: from spicy dandan noodles in a black sesame soup to pork offal nabe; from the Kuroge Japanese beef stock-based shabu-shabu – rightfully nicknamed “the King of Hot Pots” – to the hearty sukiyaki. The rich menu includes other dishes, such as white rice and ramen.
Syabusen Ginza
Operated by the long-established catering company Zakuro, Syabusen offers delicious Japanese specialities in a great location, at a one-minute walk from Ginza Metro Station. Take a seat at the bar, make yourself at ease and enjoy a plate of meat slices and vegetables boiled in broth and seasoned with two sauces: sesame tare, which is prepared with ten spices, and orange-flavoured ponzu.
Hakata Motsunabe “Sachi” (Nishi-azabu)
“Sachi” is a nice retreat in Nishi-azabu, where you can experience all the taste of Hakata, in a modern style interior, ideal for a one-person motsunabe, delicious Japanese beef offal boiled in kelp broth flavoured with soy sauce. It is a dish that attracts many Fukuoka natives and all those pining for the flavours of Hakata ward, where all the ingredients come from. Do not miss the old-fashioned potato salad.
Café Noise (Ikebukuro)
Only for the winter, Café Noise offers a special one-person nabe menu. You will be spoilt with choice. The numerous options include: cheese raclette, garnished with bacon and vegetables, with risotto on the side; beef stew or pot-au-feu cooked gyōza dumplings with focaccia. Tapas are also very popular.
Hiraboku Tonkatsu COREDO (Nihonbashi)
The restaurant is directly operated by the Yamagata-based Hirata Farms, whose high-quality Sangen pork is the speciality. Although the shop is renowned for the titular tonkatsu pork cutlet, this time of the year you can indulge in pork shabu-shabu with a glass of Yamagata sake. You can choose between the Sangen and Kinkan or have a taste of both. Leave some space for the grand finale: inaniwa udon (“thick noodle”) soup.

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