600 Cult Objects for a Millions Worth Auction

From Indiana Jones’ bullwhip to Marty McFly’s self-lacing sneakers: these and other sought-after treasures are going to be on sale in London on September 26, on the occasion of a film and TV memorabilia that promises to be epic

After a long research and authentication work among private collectors, studios and production houses, Prop Store, one of the world’s leading vendors of film props, costumes and memorabilia based in London and Los Angeles announced a major auction scheduled for September 26.
The 600 objects under the limelight all belong to crucial moments in the history of film and TV of the last 60 years, a veritable treasure trove for every collector and film enthusiast – provided that they have deep enough pockets to afford the insane prices of these covetable memorabilia.  
Among the most famous pieces are, Marty McFly’s legendary self-lacing Nike snealkers from Back to the Future – Part II, Indiana Jones’ bullwhip from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, Data’s trench coat with patches from The Goonies, a tunic from the 1960s Star Trek tv series, the Joker's costume from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman and the jumpsuit worn by Bill Murray’s character Venkman in Ghostbusters.
The auction is scheduled for 12 o’ clock on September 26 in London, but bids can be placed over the phone or online as well.  

Author : The Slowear Journal


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